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This page covers some common scenarios you may face when using the software. If you have stumbled across an error and need help, then refer to our YouTube Bulk Uploader for the Lazy Troubleshooting Guide instead.

Adding multiple Channels for the same YouTube Account

Scenario: My account has multiple channels associated with it. How can I manage videos for multiple channels?

Solution: Very easy! When adding a new channel into the software, simply give the channel a unique name and add the channel into the software. When the web browser windows opened to verify the YouTube account, select the channel you want to assign. Repeat this step for the other channels you wish to add, give each one a unique name within the software.

How can I just upload videos without the database?

Scenario: I want to add videos into the software and upload. I do not wish to manage my videos at a later date.

Solution: In Admin > General, there is an option to Content Manage Videos. When you uncheck this option, the entire Video Database video management features of the software is ignored. Every video added into the software will be uploaded to the YouTube account only. It's very useful for users to wish to just upload many videos on a one-time basis.

What is the CSV format for importing videos?

Scenario: I wish to import my videos into this software from another application. What is the correct CSV format my data should be in?

Solution: The CSV format is as follows: Channel Name, Video Title, Video Description, Video Tags (Comma Separated), YouTubeCategoryID, Video Privacy (Public|Unlisted|Private), Video YouTubeID, Video Filename (Full file path). A good way to take a closer took at the formatting is to add a few videos into the software and add them to the upload queue. The videos will now be in the database and you can use the Export to CSV feature to carefully analyze the data format.