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This page covers some common issues you may face when using the software. If you are experiencing any issues (Quite commonly these are permission issues), then please review this Wiki page before attempting to contact us.

How to use the Software

We have provided many videos on how to operate the software with some added advice and tips thrown in too! You can either watch a video which covers each aspect of the software, or view the quick product demonstration. If you have any issues, problem or queries, please view the remainder of this page or contact us [1]

Adding YouTube Channels

Symptom: Web Browser window pops up but doesn't present YouTube login screen. A message such as "This webpage is not available" may appear.

Solution: This screen presents itself when the software cannot communicate with Google to authorize the application. This is typically due to network configuration or firewall settings.

You will need to allow access via the following ports to the following services:

Host: Ports: 80 and 443 (HTTP and HTTPS)

Host: Ports: 80 and 443 (HTTP and HTTPS)

Host: Port: 80 (HTTP)

Adding Videos to the Software

Symptom: A message appears stating: "The name is not valid. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800300FC (STG_E_INVALIDNAME))". This can also happen when using the File Path Sync and Database Sync utilities.

Solution 1: This message appears when one of the required prerequisites has not been installed correctly. Please follow the included ReadMe file with the software and perform all installation steps.

Solution 2: Files cannot be accessed with the current user permissions. Elevate your user privileges on your local computer. A good test would be to run the software as an Administrative User and retry.

Solution 3: File is located on a network drive, USB drive or other removable storage without required permissions. Check your user access privileges and make sure the current user is able to access the video files.

Solution 4: File is location in a directory which is too long. Move the file on your local system so that the total file path length is shorter.

Symptom: Cannot drag and drop videos onto the application window. Mouse icon changes to a 'no access' symbol.

Solution: This is a security issue with your local computer. It is called UIPI, User Interface Privilege Isolation [2]

The source and target processes need to have compatible security levels/privileges. For example, if your source is Explorer and it is running with user level privileges, but your target application is running with administrator (elevated) level permission, you will not be able to drag & drop as this is seen as a security issue as the target is running with a higher level of privileges.

Designed to prevent input injection exploits from programs that run with restricted privileges.

You can try the following: - Store this software in a subdirectory of c:\windows or c:\program files or - Running the program as a non-administrative user or - Turning off User Interface Privilege Isolation [3]

Uploading Videos

Symptoms: Video upload error: 'Upload Error Value cannot be null. Parameter name: baseUri'

Symptoms: Video progress is stuck on 'Starting...'

Solution 1: You have added a new account to the software, however, the authorization/OAuth process did not complete successfully. When adding a new account, or when attempting to upload a video from an account that has not yet been authorized, you must allow the software permission to upload to the YouTube account. If you do not allow permission, the upload will remain at the 'Starting...' status while it waits for required approval.

When providing the software permission, your default browser will automatically open and re-direct to YouTube. Make sure that the correct account is logged in when providing software permissions. If the default browser window does not open, please make sure your DEFAULT web browser is working correctly.

If you have managed to upload videos before, then the above error appears, then the authorization link between the YouTube account and this software may have severed. This can happen when removing the settings files used by the software to store this authorization process from your local computer (Invasive software such as CCleaner may have done this). This can also happen if an issue arose with the YouTube account itself (Restricted, banned, limited etc).

If this error reoccurs, then the software may not have permission to store these changes on your computer for next time. If this is the case, try running the software as an Administrative user so that he software can store these authorization/OAuth permissions.

If the above steps have been taken, try manually uploading a video to YouTube with the same account. Use your default web browser to ensure that the same YouTube account is being used by the software and to test a manual upload process.

If all else fails, try adding a new account to the software (with a different account name/label), but using the same YouTube account during the authorization/OAuth process.

Solution 2: This message appears in software version 2.4 and lower IF the video description is too long. This is because when wildcard tags are replaced, the video description can exceed 5000 characters. Please shorten the video description and try again.

Symptoms: The upload progress bar displays no progress.

Solution: Your videos may be smaller in physical file size than the video Upload Chunk Size. Within the settings for the application, you will notice a field named: Upload Chunk Size (KB). This value indicates how your video is uploaded to YouTube. The progress bar only updates when a "chunk" of the video has been uploaded. I.e. If you are uploading a 10MB video with a 20MB Chunk Size, you will see no progress or updates. However, the video will upload and the status will change to Completed when the video is uploaded.

Symptoms: Generic problems uploading videos

Solution 1: You may have added videos to the upload queue, then while sitting in the queue, you have manually removed or renamed the physical video files.

Solution 2: You have created a new YouTube account and have yet to enable the account for video uploading. When creating a new YouTube account via the website, you MUST set up a channel within the account. This software communicates with video channels, and without a channel, the software cannot upload.

Symptoms: Backend Error [503] Errors Message Backend Error - Reason backend. Error Domain: global

Solution 1: This error presents itself when Google has been fiddling with the YouTube API (This can and does happen; albeit rare) and is unfortunately out of our control. Retry the video upload process at a later time. If the problem re-occurs, please remove the video from the upload queue and use the Video Database to re-add the video to the upload queue. If you do not have the video in the Video Database, just re-add the video into the software and re-upload.

Contact Us

If your problem, issue or query is not listed here, please feel free to contact us via the product website here: [4]