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Ginko Solutions: Project Portfolio

The content on this page lists all of the projects developed by members at Ginko solutions. The projects range from simple client applications to multi-tier web applications with complex data infrastructurs. Each project lists a description, along with it's aims and technologies used to deliver the final product. Links and images have been provided where neccessary.

Allen & Overy HTML5 Website (Client: Allen & Overy)

Allen & Overy is an international law firm providing legal services for global business and industry. They required a website which would allow their clients to view their legal information in a certain structure. Their data is generated into linked XML files (which we had no control over).

The A&O website is fully developed in ASP.NET MVC 3 and supporting technologies. The website allows users to view information from a linked XML data store using JQuery accordion controls and XSLT transformation. The website also uses caching and custom error handling. The website processes requests and displays them to the user with a full understanding of the performance in mind.

Cascading accordians rendering XML content using XSLT and MVC HTML Helper extensions.A clearer view of the dropdowns and how they render the timeline cascading accordiansThis is an overview of the Allen & Overy website. The HTML5 is a fallback version of the main Flash website.The contact page extracted from the XML data source and a flashy front end applied.

Allen & Overy HTML5 Website

Get Into Newcastle Website (Client: Newcastle County Council)

Facebook Connect integration into the website login system.An overview of the Get Into Newcastle website.Users must be authenticated with the website before they are able to download vouchers.Facebook Connect integration into the website user registration system

Get Into Newcastle Website

Woburn Safari Park Competitions (Client: Woburn)

The competitions page for Woburn Safari ParkCompetition entry page for Woburn Safari Park

Woburn Safari Park Competitions

RosemountUK Facebook Application (Client: Treasury)

The thankyou page displayed all invited usersA preview of the invite friends dialogThe application main page for inviting friends to the RosemountUK pageThe landing page for the RosemountUK invite a friend Facebook application

Rosemount UK and Ireland Facebook Application

Fresh North East CMS Website (Client: Fresh)

A preview of the Fresh CMS audio management pageA preview of the CMS driven audio contentCampaign management in the Fresh CMSCampaign media management in the Fresh CMS. This is how media items are appended to various campaigns

WolfBlass Facebook Application (Client: Treasury)

The landing page for the WolfBlass invite a friend Facebook ApplicationThe thankyou page for the WolfBlass invite a friend Facebook Application

Fresh North East Website (Client: Fresh)

A preview of CMS driven videos in FreshNEA preview of the video files which are populated via a custom CMS on the backendAn overview of the FreshNE website

Fresh NE Website

TMG APS (Client: The Media Group)

The Media Group Application Processing System (TMG) supports both paper and electronic applications to the CRB for organisations and individuals. The system presents a hierarchical organisation structure where organisations have one or many parent/child organisations and users can be associated to each depending upon the rules enforced. Any number of applications can be created for an organisation and allocated with a unique account. Applicants can then log into the system and begin the application process. Once the application is complete, the application will arrange a meeting with a verifier, and the verifier will log into the system and approve or reject the application. Once approved, the application is submitted to CRB. The application interfaces with CRB to track the status of the application. Depending upon whom is responsible for paying, the payment can be made by the application or invoiced to the organisation.

The system uses a range of technologies and approaches to accomplish the original requirement. A strict O-O design methodology us used with an SQL Server backend. Linq-To-Sql has been utilised to represent the data as O-O objects in the data access layer. The application includes a payment interface where user can pay with multiple cards or by PayPal. Aside from the implementation; the system is continuously integrated, unit tested and built nightly.

The organisation structure in TMGAPS. The treeview dynamically loads in organisations and properties as they are expanded. Properties can be set against the nodes on the right hand side.The user can manage all applications within the system here (Role restrictive).Manage product selections and weather the organisations applications are online or paper based.Append notes to an organisationManage how emails and sms messages are sent when certain actions occur.A preview of the TMGAPS admin section.Managing organisation payment terms.

Pfizer Enviroment Heath and Safety Website (Client: Pfizer)

The Pfizer EHS management system provides the Pfizer framework for excellence. It defines roles and responsibilities and sets objectives and targets to minimize risk and improve performance. This particular website targeted Pfizer locations at Sandwich, Sittingbourne and Cambridge. The work carried out on the Pfizer EHS website included client side script and design work in adbundence. Flash was also utilised to create interactive team organograms.

This website is no longer used by the company after the introduction of a standardised web toolkit which replaced all internal web applications within the company. Using the links below, you can navigate around the original website which is currently hosted by

An overview of the EHS websiteA preview of the staff organigram on the EHS website

Pfizer EHS Website (mirror)

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